Proper Maintenance for Your Guitar

Playing a musical instrument, it’s a beautiful activity, but taking care of it is a mandatory activity that needs to be done right, no matter what you play. One of the most interesting instruments is the guitar, as this can be used for creating different styles of music.

guitarHowever, now that you have a new guitar, you also need to keep it in a proper place, as maintaining it will prolong its life, and you’ll enjoy it for a longer period of time.

Here are some tips on how to take care of a guitar, especially if this is one of your most prized possessions at the moment.

Be Careful

We know that everyone told you that, but the truth is that you have to be conscious about how sensitive your guitar is. Just think about how you would treat the guitar if you were in a special music store – that is the exact way on how you should always treat your guitar. Don’t leave it down on the floor, as that can damage it. You will be able to find a fitted case or a special 11971194922144308462Chrisdesign_LP_Guitar_with_flametopfinish.svg.hiholder to secure it when you don’t use it. Apart from this, you will also find wall hangers or floor stands, which are perfect for holding guitars. Dusting the guitar it’s also important, so loosen up the strings a bit to be able to clean it properly.

Secure the Transport

If you have to leave your house and take the guitar with you, don’t simply take it as it is. In a music store or a guitar store you will find special cases that are fitted for transport, with handles and all for an easy transportation. Don’t think that it is not necessary, because a case will protect the guitar from whatever elements may be outside – rain, too much sun, dust, etc. The case will also protect your instrument from being damaged – for example, if you drop the guitar it will definitely break, but if the guitar is protected by a special case, you have more chances of keeping it in one piece.

Change the Strings

Music-staveSometimes strings break, and, when this happens, you need to be prepared. Changing the strings it’s very easy, but you will need to have available the right strings for the guitar that you have.  The strings are what give sound to your guitar, so it’s important to have them all working on it. To have easier access to the strings and change them easier, make sure you have a string winder. This is not actually a necessary tool, but specialists advice you to have one available, as this will help you wind and unwind the strings extremely easy.


This is also not a mandatory process, but it makes your guitar as personal as it can be. Not only you will be able to tell it apart from others, but it will also represent your personality. If your guitar can be customized, there are local music120music or guitar stores that sell spare parts for guitar. You can go there and buy volume knobs or pickguard – this is the easiest way to customize your guitar. However, if your local store doesn’t have any spare parts, the online environment has many sites that sell these kinds of things.

If you would like something more personal, ask an artist to paint your guitar in a unique way. This is very easy, but it’s recommended only if your guitar is not acoustic. Don’t try to paint an acoustic guitar, no matter what you think about this customizing process, because painting may damage the sound, delivering a poor quality about it.